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Chassis No.1120 Chassis No.1120
Location: UK

UTJ 707 was first registered 7th March 1955 in Lancashire. Previous owners include Ian Jenkins, Chris Barnicoat, Paul Delderfield and Simon Ross. Vehicle bought by Steven Gibson, circa 2017 - requires complete restoration.
See Chassis No.1120 for more information about this car.

Chassis No.1122 Chassis No.1122
Location: UK

PCD 514 was first registered during December 1954 in Brighton and was on display at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, Warwickshire. The car was once part of a large private collection of vehicles owned by James Hull. Other previous owners include Nick Dockerill, Nigel Partridge and the Jaguar Heritage Trust who sold the car in 2017.

Chassis No.1124 Chassis No.1124
Location: Switzerland

JVH 187 first registered in June 1955 in Huddersfield, is one of the two Dorettis sold to European buyers by car dealer Mike Jones of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.
This vehicle was in Switzerland in the possession of Patrick Sellier for some 30 years and has a Swiss Carte Grise. The car has been well maintained mechanically and always kept garaged. It is in excellent condition having been has been re-painted, re-upholstered and re-chromed throughout.
The car was listed for sale (and withdrawn) under the wrong chassis number by Bonhams at its 7th February 2013 Paris auction.

No picture available Chassis No.1125
Location: UK

OWU 42 first registered in December 1954 in Yorkshire, was purchased by Duncan Rabagliati in July 1994. A past owner was Peter Elliott of Mid Lothian.

Chassis No.1126 in 1989 Chassis No.1126
Location: ACT, Australia

This vehicle was restored by Paul McEwen and his brother Warren McEwen,after being off the road for many years.
A past owner, David Mackie, says "My father bought the car in about 1978 and I got the car off him in 1993. Since then I have been very slowly working on a full rebuild. The car was very original, but had a hard life. When I started pulling the outer body panels off, I found that damage to the inner tub had been badly repaired in the past and some rust was creeping in. So the restoration process is taking a bit longer than anticipated. " ... (Information: David Mackie)

Chassis No.1127 Chassis No.1127
Location: UK

LDN 500 was first registered in March 1955 in York, and restored around 1986 by Marksdanes.
Previous owners have included Neil Wilkinson, Frank Moores and Ken Thomas. For a number of years the car was located in Norway, owned by Tor Bjønness.

In 2004 Simon Harvatt brought No.1127 back to the UK and re-united it with its original LDN 500 registration number. Unfortunately Simon passed away in 2007 and the car was passed on to sons, Luke and Noah Harvatt.

Vehicle advertised for sale by Sussex Sports Cars - June 2015. Eventually bought by Peter Schomer & Arjan Stoof and entered in the 2016 Mille Miglia event.

No picture available Chassis No.1128
Location: UK

VTF 800 owned Duncan Rabagliati was first registered May 1955 in Lancashire. Previous owners include M D Kershaw and R Cunnington both of Morcambe, Lancashire.

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