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Chassis No.1110 Chassis No.1110
Location: USA

According to letters in the car's history file, this car was purchased by a young man from Boise, Idaho around 1974. Sadly he was killed in action in Vietnam soon after and the car sat for some time before being sold to a family friend. The new owner got it back up and running and drove it on a regular basis. It was then put in storage by the next owner who held the car for many years. In the mid-1980s Chassis No.1110 was acquired by Bob Carpenter of Caldwell Idaho, and restored many years ago by Tom Householder.

Chassis No.1111 Chassis No.1111
Location: Venezuela

Reported in December 1991. Owner not known

Chassis No.1112 Chassis No.1112
Location: Ohio USA

Vehicle reported to be in very poor condition. Owner is Tom Householder.

Chassis No.1113 Chassis No.1113
Location: Not known

Tom Householder reports that Chassis No.1113 appeared as a classified ad in the New York Times in March 1962. Doretti for sale. New top one year old, lacquer paint, firm motor, rebuilt 25K miles. PO 7 1945, Port Washington, North Western Long Island, New York.

Chassis No.1117 Chassis No.1117
Location: UK

HDB 231 Stewart Griffiths is the owner of Chassis No.1117. The first owner was given the cream Doretti as a wedding present in 1954. Other early owners include David Rostron, Steven Greenfield and Neil Wilkinson. The car has featured on the cover of TR Action magazine No.79. Stewart also owns Chassis No.1217 (OUY 782).

Chassis No.1118 Chassis No.1118
Location: Norway

PEL 589 was first registered in September 1954 and the initial owner of this Doretti was a Mr. Avery who lived in the Southbourne area of Bournemouth. Mrs Beryl Eileen Stewart, the second owner, and her son Tom Stewart are featured in an article he wrote for the November 2002 issue of Top Gear magazine. The present owner Knut Skoglund, acquired the Doretti in July 2001 from Christian Bertheau, an enthusiast living in Oslo, Norway who had owned the car for seven years.
More pictures and information about this Doretti are featured on Knut Skoglund's own website.

Chassis No.1119 Chassis No.1119
Location: UK

KKG 874 was first registered in Cardiff in 1955. Owner reported as being Andrew Gooch.
For further information see Chassis No. 1119.

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