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Chassis No.1133 Chassis No.1133
Location: Austria

TEL 97 was first registered in February 1956 in Bournmouth, before being exported to the USA in 1977.
Vehicle presently owned by Hans Jantsch. See Chassis No.1133 for more information.

Chassis No.1136 in 1975 Chassis No.1136
Location: New Zealand

John Rummery reports that the car was imported to NZ in 1968, and is presently stored in parts. Nigel Russell is the current owner of Chassis No.1136.

No picture available Chassis No.1137
Location: UK

UDH 783 initial registration on 4th March 1955 in Walsall, Staffordshire. Owner reported as Duncan Rabagliati.

Chassis No.1138 Chassis No.1138
Location: UK

VPF 228 was first registered in September 1954 in Surrey. During the 1960's spent time in Scotland - taken to Guernsey and then to Cornwall in 1976/7. Past owners include Diane Flemons, Ian Jenkins, Chris Barnicoat, Paul Delderfield and David Beckett.
For more information about VPF 228 see Chassis No.1138

No picture available Chassis No.1139
Location: UK

919 DRE was first registered in July 1954 in Staffordshire. In the past it has been owned by Brian Thorley and Alan Rawlingson. The car may still exist - can anyone help find the car? For more information about 919 DRE see Chassis No.1139

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