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Chassis No.1092 Chassis No.1092
Location: Texas, USA

After many years of thinking about buying a Doretti for restoration the present owner bought this car in 2007. The main goal is to keep the car original in appearance although there are some safety/reliability improvements planned. These include disc brakes at the front and finned drums on a TR4 axle at the rear. Seat belts will be installed as will an alternator conversion and there is also the possibility of a Daimler V-8 engine installation. Currently the car is red and both the dash and the seats appear to be original.
The previous owner, Kathy Mortensen, purchased No.1092 from Jim Olive who owned it for probably 30 years. A local British car garage in Florida reworked the engine after the car had been sat in Jim's garage not running for many years. Mechanically the car was sound, the body in fairly good shape and the interior not in a bad condition. Owner: Anon.

Chassis No.1096 Chassis No.1096
Location: Illinois, USA

Chassis No.1096 previously belonged to James Harper. The current owner, Tom Sztochmal, also owns Chassis No.1033.

Chassis No.1097 Chassis No.1097
Location: Queensland, Australia

Martin Ackland acquired the No.1097 in March 1969 while living in Adelaide. The car was used on the road and for some track-work until 1972 when it was put on blocks pending a restoration. Twenty-eight years later the car was shipped to Brisbane to be restored then painted blue metallic to match the brochure cover vehicle.
Further details and pictures of the rebuild can be seen in an Australian Restoration

Chassis No.1098 Chassis No.1098
Location: UK

RRH 389 was completely rebuilt by Maurice Ford and more information is available in RRH 389 Restored
Roger Giles is also the owner of CAS 393 (Chassis No.1211) and MMW 335 (Chassis No.1140).

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