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Chassis No.1097 Front view Chassis No.1097
Martin Ackland

Martin acquired the Doretti in March 1969 while living in Adelaide. At that time it carried registration number (SA) RHL 015 and was not in very good shape. It had previously been raced with an after-market supercharger fitted. After a bit of work on the engine, gear box, clutch and carburettors, the car was used on the road and for some track work until 1972 when the car was put on blocks pending a full restoration.

Chassis No.1097 Rear view

Twenty-eight years later the car was shipped to Brisbane for a full restoration to be undertaken by Joe Wilson (formerly Veteran & Vintage Services) and Dave Moss.
In December 2000 Joe Wilson and his wife Bev visited Cyril Harvey in the UK to take a look at Cyril's Doretti before starting work on Martin Ackland's No.1097. Upon Joe's return to Australia the car was totally stripped down to find it was virtually rot-free. Just one outrigger on the right hand side of the chassis was replaced along with the floors, which weren't rotten but distorted. The rest of the chassis was found to be in an excellent condition. Both of the original steel door skins were retained after replacing the bottom six inches of metal. Accident damage to the front and rear drivers-side wings required attention and a large section of one wheel arch was replaced, mainly to get a nice smooth curve. Chassis No.1097 Interior
A new cylinder-head was purchased from the UK to ensure reliable running on unleaded fuel and the gearbox was totally rebuilt and an overdrive fitted. Whilst the car is largely original, a major concession to safety included fitting TR3 disc-brakes.
Finally, the Doretti was given a re-paint in metallic blue to match the original sales brochure.
According to Martin, "the car is a lot of fun, goes well and has provoked much interest from the general public".

Thanks to Martin & Penny Ackland for the information and pictures.

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