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Chassis No.1075 Chassis No.1075
Location: UK

533 CRF was first registered in June 1954. The car was originally owned by Swallow Coachbuilding for a year, then it changed hands twice in as many months before being purchased by James Pechal in 1955. From its original red the car was repainted Talbot yellow in 1960, a replacement engine installed in 1962, wire wheels fitted in 1964 and the winscreen replaced in 1965. In 1987 after being laid-up for three years the original buff upholstery was changed to black, the steering modified to rack and pinion and two Herald heaters fitted together with a smaller radiator and a Kenlowe fan. In 2011 ownership the car was passed on to James's daughter and son-in-law Ross Sandman.

Chassis No.1076 Chassis No.1076
Location: Netherlands

171 ERF was first registered in January 1955 to the Swallow Company then exported to the Netherlands in 1975 and re-registered as 31-GS-39. The owner of Chassis No.1076 is Sjirk De Vries

Chassis No.1078 in the 1960's Chassis No.1078
Location: USA

Tom Householder says that after several years of searching for some history on the car, pictured on the Mount Mansfield Toll Road in Vermont, he was able to determine that the couple in the photo is Ivor and Phyllis Petrak. Petrak was the manager of the Mount Mansfield Lodge and the car was sold to the couple by Ivor's brother-in-law. The original US car dealer was Bill Frick of Long Island, NY.  (Photo & info: TRhouse)

Chassis No.1079 Chassis No.1079
Location: Georgia, USA

In 2000 the car was completely rebuilt in the workshops of Bill Farr's Surrey Motorsports and their website shows the amount of work and time involved in such an undertaking. Chassis No.1079 is owned by Ronald Harper. A detailed account of the restoration was the subject of a four page article in Issue No.92, Aug/Sept 2001, of the US car magazine British Car.

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