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The Mark 2 Swallow Gadabout, was introduced in 1950 with a 125cc Villiers 10D two-stroke engine fitted with a 3-speed gearbox operated by a gear-change pedal mounted behind the weathershield. A four-bladed fan running at 1½ engine speed greatly improved the cooling system, which had previously proved problematic.

The most significant change was the addition of the short leading link rubber in torsion suspension for the front fork, an improvement seen earlier in 1949 on the introduction of a Gadabout Commercial carrier outfit. Battery lighting equipment supplemented the earlier flywheel direct setup of the Gadabout Mark 1. Another improvement was to the bodywork which was revised so that the rear end could be hinged upward or easily detached.

Engine Villiers Mk 10D two-stroke, capacity 125cc.  50mm x 62mm
4.8 bhp
Carburettor Villiers "Junior" Type
Transmission Three-speed gearbox - foot change
Frame Welded twin tube with no rear suspension.
Forks Leading link with bonded rubber suspension
Wheels Pressed steel 8" diameter with split rims
Tyres 4.00 x 8"   16" overall diameter
Electrical Lucas lighting equipment - headlight 5" diameter, 18W bulb
Fuel Tank Steel, located inside body, capacity 2¼ gallons
Brakes Drum brakes - 5" diameter on both wheels,
front operated by hand lever, rear by foot pedal.
Dimensions Wheelbase 50", ground clearance 4", unladen seat height 25"
Weight 200lbs.
Performance Maximum speed 44 mph, cruising 30+ mph, 80 mpg


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