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Chassis No.1051 Chassis No.1051
Location: Netherlands

An early owner of Chassis No.1051 was Michigan resident, Lewis Spencer, an ex-yacht captain and a talented artist. Spencer bought the Doretti circa 1974 for about $3000 through an agent from its original owner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to an article about the car in the Cass City Chronicle (May 22, 1980), "The car was well cared for, to the extent that in the original owner's garage, it was kept parked on a carpet." Since acquiring the vehicle Spencer has "done some work on the car, re-finishing the wood dash, dying the convertible top a different colour, having the seats re-upholstered and installing wider wire wheels to soften the ride."

The next owner who lived in North Carolina only owned the car for a brief period before it was sold to John Post and exported the Netherlands. An extensive restoration was undertaken and car which was originally light blue, is now painted white. For a bigger picture (604kB) of the car click here.

Chassis No.1052 Chassis No.1052 
Location: UK

In 1992 the badly damaged LHD car with wire wheels was imported to the UK from the USA and has since passed through many hands.Vehicle now owned by Steve Swallow.

Chassis No.1053 Chassis No.1053
Location: Germany

This car was one of two imported into Germany from California by Mike Otto. The car which was in very bad condition has now been completely restored. For more information about the rebuild of Chassis No.1053 see the rebuild article. Chassis No.1053 is owned by Bernd Amling. The car has also been featured in the German car magazine Motor Klassik Issue 7-2005.

Chassis No.1055 Chassis No.1055
Location: USA

Previous owners include Kevin Larkin, Leo Welch, Jim Chaffee and Reed Harman. For more information about the car see Chassis No.1055

Chassis No.1057 Chassis No.1057
Location: USA

Car found in Tennesse - now in very good condition. Chevrolet V-8 engine installed.
Swallow Doretti, Chassis No.1057 now owned by Tom Clark. For more information see Chassis No.1057

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