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No image available Chassis No.1030
Location: California, USA

The car was rescued from a scrap-yard by Kurt's father-in-law and used for daily transportation until 1981 when it was badly damaged in an accident. The car actually belongs to Kurt's wife who received No.1030 as a gift from her dad in 1985.

Chassis No.1031 Chassis No.1031
Location: California, USA

Swallow Doretti, Chassis No.1031 with an unidentified fiberglass body. Found in Canada with possible Toronto history. The car is possibly the remains of a Doretti raced at Harwood (Canada), in September 1957 by Jim McEachern of Mascon Motors.(Info & photo: TRhouse)

Chassis No.1032 Chassis No.1032
Location: California, USA

Thomas Jordan acquired No.1032 from his father-in-law, David Reed of San Diego. David, the car's second owner, had bought the car in 1955 after the first owner had lost his license for driving his new Doretti at over 100 mph. Many miles and many years later when David became 80 years old he thought that the time had come to pass on the Doretti to his daughter Pam and her husband, Thomas. For more information about this car see San Diego Veteran.

Chassis No.1033 Chassis No.1033
Location: Illinois, USA

In March 2002 Bill Campbell acquired chassis No.1033 as a basket case having been wrecked circa 1980 and left under inadequate cover. However it was mostly there and Bill intended starting a restoration but the car was acquired by Tom Sztochmal. Chassis No.1096 is also owned by Tom.

Chassis No.1034 Chassis No.1034
Location: Oregon, USA

Back in 2004 Vincent Vierck began restoration of the Doretti owned by his father, who had purchased the vehicle in 1959. The car was put in storage in 1962 and was off the road for over 40 years. The whole family celebrated when the restoration was completed in 2020.
The car is reported to have had a racing history in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Chassis No.1035 Chassis No.1035
Location: Virginia, USA

Michael Fatsi has owned his Doretti since 1991 and it has been raced frequently in vintage sports car races on the US East Coast. The car was photographed during the 2nd Annual "Race at the Base" at Virginia Beach's US Naval Air Station Oceana, in May 2001. This popular event is a faithful modern-day attempt to recreate General Curtis LeMay's famous airport races of the 1950's. (Photo: Art Eastman)

Chassis No.1036 Chassis No.1036
Location: Belgium

This LHD light blue car with red trim was abandoned in the late '70s - moved to a field in Mariposa, California until 1992. At the last report it was for sale in Belgium. Requires complete restoration.

Chassis No.1037 Chassis No.1037
Location: Austria

The car with only 43K original miles showing on the odometer was rescued in 2008 from a garage in Berkeley, California by Michael and Norman Vogel. It's reported to have had just one previous owner and had no body damage and zero rust.
Chassis No.1037 was exported from the USA at the end of 2008 and Stephan Koch bought the car from a Netherlands dealer at the Techno-Classic in April 2009. The car (pictured in the Styrian mountains), is still in its unrestored condition and drives very well.

Chassis No.1039 Chassis No.1039
Location: Oregon, USA

Alex Haugland bought this car in 2016 from dealer, Kurt Tanner. The previous owner, Ray Bragassa had acquired Chassis No.1039 in a partially dismantled state, but the bodywork was generally sound and painted in a silver-gray shade. A full restoration of the car was completed over the course of eight months and he ejoyed the balmy SoCal climate in a metallic burgundy roadster that attracted more attention than many exotic cars costing a whole lot more. Ray's pride and joy was featured in the June/July 2004 issue of Triumph World in an article by Andy Wilsheer. For more details and pictures of the restoration of this car see Andy Wilsheer's complete writeup in Walsall Wonder.

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