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Chassis No.1011 Chassis No.1011
Location: France

This car was one of two imported into Germany from California by Otto Arwed. The car which was in very bad condition was completely restored in 2002. Acquired by Pierre Damiron in June 2010 after a long search for a suitable car.

Swallow Doretti Chassis No.1012
Location: USA

This vehicle is believed to have been bought new in San Diego, Calfornia. Reported by Tom Housholder, to have been found dismantled in upper Wisconsin and then relocated to Indianopolis, Indiana, USA. See California Research for more information.

Chassis No.1014 Chassis No.1014
Location: NSW, Australia

The car was imported to Australia from the USA - original owner Robert Dessall.
Chassis No.1014 has benefitted from a full restoration by Paul McEwen and is fitted with 72 spoke chrome wire wheels and an overdrive.

Chassis No.1016 Chassis No.1016
Location: Italy

MSU 474 a LHD vehicle was imported back to the UK from California around 1987. Owned by Jack Booth until 1990 when it was sold to Peter Billington. In 1989 this vehicle was entered in the 2nd Pirelli Classic Marathon Rally (No.9) with a crew of Jack Booth and Simon Rich. Result: Overall positon 86, Class postion 13.
Swallow Doretti - Chassis No.1016 was exported to Italy in 1996.

Chassis No.1017 Chassis No.1017
Location: USA

Rick Wolfe of Whittier California, placed a sales advertisment for Chassis No.1017 in the February 1957 issue of Motor Trend Magazine. This is the only reference to the car which has been found. ( ...Info from TRhouse)

Chassis No.1019 Chassis No.1019
Location: Germany

A LHD vehicle imported to Germany from the USA and now owned by Carl von Ketteler. Previously owned by Franz-Josef Huber and Dieter Heckmann. See Chassis No.1019 for more restoration pictures.

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