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  1950 Rainbow Sprite autocycle


1950 Rainbow autocycle prototype

The Rainbow Sprite autocycle constructed in 1950 as a prototype by Frank Rainbow seems to be the forerunner of the following year's Rainbow Joyrider. A very comprehensive review of this machine appeared in the 6th July 1950 issue of Motor Cycling magazine.

The twin tube frame consisted of a pair of tubes running down from the steering head below the engine, then up and back alongside the rear wheel, cross tubes were welded at intervals between the main tubes. Vertical tubes supported the saddle on a cantilever bracket, also the rear carrier and mudguard. The cylindrical six-pint fuel tank was mounted behind the headstock. At the front, Reynolds 531 tube formed the forks with rubber band suspension and a 26" diameter cycle wheel, 1" tyre. At the rear a 20" motorcycle wheel was fitted with a 2" tyre which allowed for a low seat height.

Engine Villiers Mk 2F two-stroke, Capacity 98cc.  47mm x 57mm
Transmission Two-speed with clutch. Handlebar lever has "trigger" to hold clutch out.
Frame Twin tube with rigid rear.
Forks Single blade non-girder tube forks. Rubber band undamped suspension.
Wheel rims Front 26" heavy duty cycle,  Rear 20" motorcycle
Tyres Front 26" x 1"  Rear 20" x 2"
Tank capacity 6 pints
Brakes 4" front & rear
Electrical Headlight 5" diameter

For further information about a second Rainbow prototype see the Joyrider article.

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