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Swallow Gadabout
Period Images

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The caption to the picture of a very early Mk1 Gadabout (FTX 207) in the Daily Mirror of 24th July 1946 reads:

"We are exporting these. That's why you haven't seen them gadding about.
The rider sits on the engine. The Gadabout's designer, Mr. Rainbow, of Egham, Surrey, claims the engine will do 120 miles to a gallon, and cruise the Gadabout sweetly at thirty-five miles an hour."

A number of Gadabouts were used by various police forces. This picture of PC Wilf Chesters with JAC 401, was taken in the north of Warwickshire - note the lack of protective clothing or headgear.

The Gadabout Commercial sidecar carrier on view at the 1948 Bicycle and Motor Cycle Show at Earl's Court, London.

Harold Daniell, a T.T. winner, borrowed Motor Cycling's staff Gadabout (EUE 773) while in the Isle of Man

February 1948: Stage stars Bonar Colleano and Marjorie Reynolds photographed with JNB 534 outside the Annual Pantomime Ball, although their kit seems to suggest that if they had actually arrived on the machine they must have felt decidedly chilly despite the added windscreen!

GTX 98 snapped in Douglas IOM during Manx week. Graham Walker aboard the Butcher-boy Special, a Mark 1 Gadabout with a luggage carrier. With him is Norton's representative in Canada and the USA who visited the island for the Manx Grand Prix.

Thanks to Brian Slater for this picture and his story about the Gadabout he bought for five pounds when he was just fifteen. Read more of Brian's story see BBR 317

Back in the 1950s, District Nurse Agnes Walker-Love and her Gadabout were a familiar site on the streets of Coatbridge and Airdrie. As a dedicated professional she was at the forefront of medical homecare and would dash from patient to patient aboard her scooter, registration number EVA 374.

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