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Swallow Gadabout Orphans

This page displays pictures of Gadabouts whose owners aren't known to me. If you have any information, please contact me at: ken@doretti.co.uk
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z-2006 This 1949 Mark 2 Gadabout (VRF 383) is claimed to be the prototype and was used by the works as a demonstrator/hack for two years. The scooter was found some years ago at Bob Joyner's motorcycle shop in Birmingham and was subsequently owned by Robert Cordon Champ. The bike then passed to an elderly gent in Braintree, Essex who was in the process of restoring Gadabouts big time but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago. So where did this Gadabout finish up?

For many years Robert Cordon Champ also owned this 1949 Mark 1 Gadabout (YVS 610) which was featured in the June 2003 issue of Scootering magazine. The machine was sold in 2004 but the present owner is not known.

This 1951 Mark 2 Gadabout is presently for sale and is reported to be running well. But who is the present owner?

The well ventilated engine should keep cool on this Mark 1 Gadabout, but who owns this scooter?

First registered in 1948 this Gadabout Mark 1 scooter has been totally rebuilt and is in a very nice condition with new tyres and a V5 document. Presently for sale at 1495.

This picture of a 1951 Mark 2 (LGP 339) appeared in Mike Webster's Motor Scooters, did it survive? If so where is it now?

Whiteman Park Motor Museum located near Perth, Western Australia, has a Mark 1 Gadabout on display.

No image available As a young journalist, Don Booker's patch was Royston, a village near Barnsley. For over twenty years he got around by bus and on his Gadabout scooter (BHE 74). Emblazoned on both sides of the body was BARNSLEY CHRONICLE The Workers' Weekly. Often while going about his duties the Villiers engine would become overheated, meaning a pause for a rest. Don eventually solved the problem by cutting ventilation slots through the bodywork with a can-opener.
Thanks to Brian Elliott for the information

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You can contact the Swallow Gadabout website at ken@doretti.co.uk to share more information or add your Swallow Gadabout to the Scooters & Owners pages.


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