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Swallow Gadabout
Scooters & Owners

Click on any image to see a larger version, or follow the links for more photos and information on these Gadabouts.

Mike Nangreave has merticulously restored this Mark 1 Gadabout.

Paul Webb now the owns this Mark 2 Commercial outfit, previously owned for may years by John Searby and his wife Betty.
Mrs Searby wrote a book called In For A Penny about the couple selling ice cream from the Swallow combination soon after it had been bought.

Frame No. z-610
A 1948 Mark 1 Gadabout (KYB 430) in need of restoration now belongs to Ken Yankey and was once part of Mike Webster's scooter collection.

z-3014 Barry Hartnell of Wangaratta has a passion for vintage motorcycles and the afficionado's collection includes a Gadabout scooter. His interest in old bikes started as a teenager when his Dad used to take him out to watch motorbike trials in the hills. At the age of 14, started collecting and restoring them and now 50 years later he has quite a collection.

Vittorio Tessera is the owner of this nicely restored Mark 1 Gadabout which is on display at the Museo Scooter & Lambretta, Rodano, Italy.

Mike Nangreave's 1948 Mark 1 Gadabout (JMN 915) was exhibited as part of the Murray's Motorcycle Museum collection on the Isle of Man for twenty years before being bought by Mike in 2006.

Almost on display at the CSMA Motoring Museum in Bourton-on-the-Water is a Gadabout scooter.

This very nice looking Mark 1 Gadabout owned by Guido Delliponti is part of a scooter enthusiast's collection in Italy.

VMT 957 The present owner of VMT 957 is Robin Spalding.

Frame No. z-3012
This Mark 2 Gadabout is now undergoing a full rebuild in the hands of Mike Nangreave.

mk 1 Gadabout Samuel Fuchs of Montevideo, Uruguay is the owner of this Mark 1 Gadabout.

SFO 682 SFO 682 is owned by Richard Parsons and presently undergoing a full restoration. For more details see Mark 1 Gadabout

Frame No. Z-3006 Graham Wilkie, of Australia, purchased this 1948 Mark 1 Gadabout in 2003 from the original owner. The scooter had not been on the road since 1954 but always kept garaged.

Graham Wilkie also owns this Mark 1 Gadabout on display at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia.

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