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The primary purpose of the Swallow Gadabout Club is to function as a resource for the restoration, preservation and study of Gadabout scooters. In the near future Gadabout restoration projects will be profiled to document many detail items that are essential for originality. To facilitate the restoration projects, we will offer items for sale of interest as they become available. Custom fabrication of parts will be offered on occasion on a subscription basis. At this time there is no membership fee to join the club. Input and questions from readers are encouraged.

You may contact us at ken@doretti.co.uk

Around 2,000 scooters were built by the Swallow Coachbuilding Company between 1946 and 1952. All the scooters were partly built at the Helliwells Group's factory in South Wales and the Walsall Airport factory in Aldridge. The scooters exclusively used the Wolverhampton built Villiers two-stroke engines. There was no known overseas production or assembly.

More GADABOUT information wanted. If you rode a Gadabout or worked in the factory please contact:


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