The Kenmar fibre-glass special was originally built by Ken Muggleton and utilised a Ford chassis and running gear. Initially it was sold as the Kenmar Mk I, but after Monkspath Garage of Shirley, near Birmingham became the sole distributor and John Churchley, registered the name “Shirley Sportscars” it was renamed the Shirley in January 1959. A year later with a re-designed front end the car was marketed as the Shirley Mark II. The Shirley was advertised as being available for both Ford wheelbase sizes, 7‘ 6” and 7‘ 10” in both 2 and 4-seater body styles. For the original price of £89 the customer got a six-piece body kit, the six pieces being; a bonnet, scuttle, two doors, a tail section and a boot lid. A fold flat front windscreen was an extra £11-10s.
It is believed that somewhere between 50 to 100 Kenmars and Shirleys were sold before production ceased in the early 1960's.

1952 Kenmar Shirley Mark I
Kenmar Shirley Mk I

John Churchley recalls that between 1955 and 1960, "a TR2 or 3, registration number TAC 227, that had been burned-out was re-bodied with a Shirley fibre-glass body in their workshop. It had a 2-seater layout with a hood and a fold flat windscreen, but as it wouldn't do over 100 mph without the sidescreens flapping, the owner had the first of the hardtops fitted." John also says that the car was "fitted with Swallow Doretti hub caps on TR wheels."

Dave Marshall, the current owner of a Kenmar Shirley Mark I special, registration number 3001 MY, is seeking information about his car and previous owners to help him obtain a V5 certificate from the DVLA. His car is believed to be one of just a few surviving examples of the model, and possibly the last Mk I.

In a telephone conversation, Dave explained that early in 2002 after seeing the car advertised for sale in Classic Car Weekly, he enquired with the DVLA as to the possibility of retaining the 3001 MY registration number and was assured a V5 would be issued. He then purchased the car without a V5 from its Chester owner. After installing a new engine and completing other repairs, the car was MoT'd and licensed at the local Post Office and an application made for a V5.

Unfortunately, the V5 never arrived and after lengthy correspondence with the DVLA, he was told that the document would not be issued. Dave feels that the original registration is part of the vehicle's history and would like to regain the number.

Should you have any information about 3001 MY, Dave Marshall would be extremely grateful if you could contact him at
Tel: 01642 311661.

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