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Swallow Doretti Mark II (Sabre)

Following the successful launch of the Swallow Doretti, work was begun on a Mark II version, called the Sabre. The mechanical equipment was used was identical to the original car, but the new car had a revised chassis frame with increased rigidity. Many detail styling changes were made to the body, for example the radiator surround and grille were re-designed; the windscreen modified; the front and rear wheel arches were flattened at the top; more space provided behind the seats; and the rear of the car re-styled with an externally hinged lid on a much larger boot.

Chassis N° DVL/2

Chassis N° DVL/3

Chassis N° 10001

Frank Rainbow in his article The Authentic Swallow Doretti Story recalls that two Sabres were built, both right-hand drive. Chassis N° DVL/2 which had a soft top and detachable side windows and Chassis N° DVL/3 with a hard top and roll-up side windows. However it appears that a third Sabre was built after Rainbow's departure from Tube Investments. This car, Chassis N° 10001, also right-hand drive, was a soft-top and was interestingly first registered to Standard-Triumph in 1961. According to Frank Rainbow "although so much of both models was the same, in fact the Sabre felt quite different on the road and was prehaps the better car." The improvement in handling was probably due to better weight distribution as a result of the re-positioning of the fuel tank.

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