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Swallow Doretti 1954-55

The Swallow Doretti was a short-lived attempt to fill a market niche, in the United States, between the Triumph TR2 and the Jaguar XK120. Production of the Doretti was undertaken by the Swallow Coachbuilding Company (1935) Ltd a subsidary of the giant Tube Investments Group. This branch was descended from the original Swallow Sidecar Company founded by William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922 from which SS Cars Ltd and then Jaguar Cars Ltd evolved.

Frank Rainbow was responsible for the original design, styling and production engineering of the Doretti which only required nine months to complete the first prototype. The basis of the Doretti is an exceptionally rigid tubular chassis frame, the side members of which consists of two three-inch diameter chrome-molydenum steel tubes reinforced with strenthening plates above and below.

After the successful introduction of the Swallow Doretti, a Mark II version of the car named the Sabre was undertaken. But early in 1955 an unexpected decision by Tube Investments brought the entire Swallow Doretti project to a standstill. Production ceased and the Sabre development shelved.

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