Swallow Doretti Register

Unidentified Vehicle: UID 2082

Do you know anything about this Doretti?

MKE 836 is actually an Aston Martin, Chassis No. AMC/49/8 fitted with a Swallow Doretti body shell, circa 1960. According to the AMOC Register, Shaun McGee, (a former race-car driver who was an Aston Martin engineer), raced the car at Silverstone and that it was sold by Christies in 1987 for £17,000. The front end of the car was remodeled later in its life to look more like an Aston Martin DB1.
I am interested to see if anyone has any other history on the vehicle as I would like to know which Doretti was the donor for the body-shell.
For more specific details about the car see www.astonuts.free.fr/DB1/PAGES/8E.html

If you have any further information about this car or would like to add your car to the Swallow Doretti Register, please contact Ken Yankey at ken@doretti.co.uk

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