Unidentified Vehicle UID 2048

I have a picture but no chassis details of the car shown below!  If you know the owner or have any information about this vehicle, please contact me at E-mail:

UID 2048

UID 2048
Owner: Isidro Martinez
Location: California, USA

Binney-Allied Doretti Special


A Swallow Doretti chassis forms the basis of the car with fabricated structures front and rear to mount the Allied body. The chassis has been modified in a number of ways. First, there are a large number of lightening holes drilled in several chassis members as well as the pedal box and the pedal levers. An Andrex friction shock, has been mounted to each side of the chassis just aft of the front suspension and acting on the lower a-arm and a sway bar has also been added to the front suspension. The front brakes have had cooling holes drilled in the backing plates and around the circumference of the face of the backing plates and the drums. ... Kurt Oblinger

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