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Chassis No.1292

Chassis No.1292 Lost Doretti Found
The warm, sunny and dry climate of Southern California proved to be the ideal home for Chassis No.1292 as it sat around in a number of different garages for fifty-five years. When Mike Ryan purchased the car in 2010 it still had 1962 "California Black" license plates on the front and rear, and according to Mike, the white car was "dead original and bone dry".

The overall condition of the blue leather upholstery was not good, the seats were very dry and the dash pad and the rest of the trim were really dry and cracked. The engine turned freely and all of the original wiring harness was complete. Electrical equipment such as lights, instruments and miscellaneous parts were still in place, just covered in dust and in need of a serious refurbishing. So after after much consideration Mike decided it was better to just strip the car down to the frame and start over.

The chassis plate clearly identifies the car as number No.1292 and a matching number is stamped on the frame. Engine and body numbers also correspond to the ID plate. Some very interesting hand written pencil marks identifying the car number and colour were found on the inside of the door panels and under the boot.  ...(Information courtesy - Mike Ryan)

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