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Chassis No.1249

Chassis No.1249

Chassis No.1249 was bought by Van Laurn of San Luis Obispo, circa 1964, from an Ontario, California newspaper advertisment. Information about the Doretti (LXN 432) is sparse, but there is an interesting back story. ..(Info: TRhouse)

Van Laurn worked as a bus-boy in the Coffee Shop of the Madonna Inn and when the owner took ownership of a female lion cub, Van accepted the assignment to feed and care for the lion, whom they called The Dutchess. Even after Van no longer worked at the Inn, he would feed the lion, take her on walks, and play with her up in the hills. A rock house had been built by the owner for the lion and she lived there until the day she died of old age.
 ..(Information from Phyllis Madonna)

The next report of Chassis No.1249 comes from a LA car dealer, the Beverly Hills Car Club who advertised the car for sale at $29,500 in August 2014.
In 2019 the Doretti appeared in France, having been acquired by Francis Loefler of Strasbourg. January 2020, vehicle offered for €65,000 by Sarl FCE of Huttenheim, France.

(Image: Phyllis Madonna)

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