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Chassis No.1237
Owner: John Stobba
Location: USA

Chassis No.1237 John acquired Chassis No.1237 in 2008 from a family friend, Pat Semple, who unfotunately was ill and has since passed on. Pat was a local club racer in northern California during the 60's and 70's and was in the process of building the Doretti into a vintage race car. According to the title documents, prior to Pat's taking ownership of the car in 1977 it had belonged to Terry Cocking in southern California, but there is no previous history.

Chassis No.1237 The car was a "body off" restoration and most of the work was completed about twenty years ago with a lot of the work being done professionally by local shops at Infinion Raceway. Despite sitting in Pat's garage for many years because this was a project he never had the time to finish, the under-carriage is very clean and the frame was repainted gray prior to reassembly. To complete the restoration, the car needs to be painted after some minor body work. Missing items include the grille, bumpers and a windscreen in addition to a number of little bits and pieces.

Chassis No.1237 The engine has been rebuilt with dual Weber side draft carbs, it runs strong but a bit rough and has an overheating problem as the sensor on the electric fan is not working properly. John believes it is a two- litre engine and remembers Pat telling him it was assembled from various Triumph engines.
Project No.1237 is now at the top of John's list and he will be working to complete the restoration with his two sons who are 13 and 15 years old.
Thank you to John Stobba for the information and pictures.

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