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Vintage Racing in a Doretti

Side View Chassis 1227
According to Vintage Racing Services the vehicle was used in England as a street car from 1954 to 1986. It was then imported to the USA from the UK by Michael Bruce in approximately 1987. Conversion to vintage race specification included the nose being modified to eliminate the odd adapted grille-work in order to use an egg-crate style grille and create a more appropriate shape. The car was then re-painted, the suspension rebuilt, and major engine modifications carried out.

Engine Bay Engine Modifications
On the dynamometer the 2.2 litre four-cylinder Triumph engine has a 185 BHP output at 6,500 rpm. A Moldex billet steel crankshaft is fitted with Carillo con-rods with J & B forged pistons and a competition clutch is bolted to a Tilton alloy flywheel. A fully gas-flowed head has stainless steel valves, roller rockers and all the trick bits. There are twin 45 DCOE Weber carbs, headers, an uprated cooling system and Mallory Unilite ignition.

Dash Condition
This vintage race/rally car is currently in road-race trim and is race-ready. A race-seat, safety-harness and full roll-bar are fitted, and the dashboard has been modified to provide easier visibility of the instruments for the driver.

Interior Vintage Racing History
This Doretti has been entered in numerous vintage races with VSCCA, SVRA, HMSA and other sanctioning bodies from 1987 to present including the Monterey Historics where it finished second overall in its group in 1995. It has also participated in La Carrera Pan Americana rally. The car finished well in 1993, after running in a detuned condition.

Many thanks to Automotive Restorations Inc for the above information and excellent photographs.

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