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Chassis No.1205
Lorraine Hill

She loves the pace that thrills

Lorraine Hill By Kirsten Ward
In the quiet township of Bowral, N.S.W., the poplars lining the streets are whispering among themselves when . . . wwrruumm ! - a nifty little sports car swings confidently round the corner. A pretty girl at the wheel brings her Swallow Doretti gently into the kerb, takes off her crash helmet, and shakes loose her blond hair. And so we meet 22-year-old Lorraine Hill, one of the ten women to hold a racing driver's licence in New South Wales. Although Lorraine has only been racing for a year, she has won at Albury (N.S.W.) and Wangaratta (Vic.) race meetings, and last March she came seventh in a race with twelve men at the Warwick Farm circuit outside Sydney.

"When I first bought the Doretti it was just as a pleasure car," Lorraine said. "But then I thought I might as well have a go at racing it. It can do 105 m.p.h."I'm not sure what it is about racing that attracts me now," she added. "The whole atmosphere of the track - the wind in your face, the roar of the engine, the oil fumes, the crowds . . . it's all thrilling." But she says she never thinks of the dangers of going at terrific speed over a winding circuit. "I'm too busy concentrating on driving."

Lorraine who is a trained hair-dresser bought her Swallow Doretti out of savings from the beauty parlor in Bowral she runs for her mother. Although she loves her car, you'd never see her touch its engine. "Well, I've got one of the best mechanics in the country, Lloyd King," said Lorraine. "He's the backbone of my racing, comes to all the meetings."

This article is based on an interview which appeared in The Australian Women's Weekly on the 28th June 1961

Chassis No.1205
Lorraine Hill in Chassis No.1205 at Warwick Farm - March 19th 1961.
The car was raced in the early 1960's by Miss Hill with some success.

Chassis No.1205
The comment on the back of the picture says, "Ladies like sports car racing too. Here Miss Lorraine Hill pulls her Doretti into the pits after a race at Warwick Farm."   Picture credit: Naylan, PO Box 15, Edgecliff.

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