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Chassis No.1199
Owner: Ken Yankey

VAE 504 first registered 24th July 1955.
John Wark puchased VAE 504 in 1965 - when he got married in 1967 he sold the car to Patrick White (Williams?).

At this time Patrick's father had a small engineering business so the engine was re-conditioned and the car painted primrose yellow, but the interior was left in a very scruffy condition. According to Patrick, "there were three Dorettis in close proximity in Dorset/Somerset border" Ian Penrose and Howard Gosling.

Subsequently VAE 504 was acquired by Michael Lawence of Bootle, Liverpool.
In 1972 the car was bought as a restoration project by Mike Lambert of St Albans, Hertfordshire. Mike and a friend dismantled the car in preparation for a re-build but were never able to get the project underway so the dismantled Doretti was stored for over thirty years.
Ken Yankey bought VAE 504 in December 2002 with the intention to re-build the vehicle. However this did not occur and the vehicle was sold to Frank Swallow in 2015. VAE 504 is presently undergoing a rebuild by Yorkshire Restorations.

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