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Chassis No.1189   362 ERE

Chassis No.1189

362 ERE is reported to have been first owned by the Company Secretary of Swallow Coachbuilding. The non-o/drive, right-hand drive car with steel disc wheels was painted Dark British Racing Green and had matching green upholstery. According to reports, the first factory fitted detachable aluminium hardtop was installed on this car and is said to have caused a dispute with workers and almost precipitated a strike.

The fourth owner of the car was Mr C. Dykes of Catford in south London who owned the car from January 1960 until March 1969. In a letter to Classic & Sportscar magazine in October 1984 he recalled that "no hood or hood-frame was provided, so I had these made up to a rather better design than the original. The hood could, if required, be raised or lowered on the move." He also said that it was a mistake to sell the Doretti as it gave him the most enjoyable 10 years motoring he had ever experienced.

Chassis No.1189

In the early seventies Paul Steele of Brockworth near Gloucester bought 362 ERE from a Watford owner. However shortly after buying the car he joined the Merchant Navy and because of expected long absences abroad, he reluctantly sold the car to an Aberdeen buyer.

The present owner Alan Gibb of Port Lethen, Aberdeen, bought the car in 1974 then stored it until 1975 when he started restoration work on the car, unfortunately work had to be suspended in 1978. It was not until 1994 that Alan was able to re-commence the rebuild. Finally in 2004 the Long Term Restoration was completed, just in time for 362 ERE to join in the 50th Anniversary celebration at Icomb Place, Stow-on-the Wold.

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