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Chassis No.1177

Bill Gerrard had always "liked a nice car" but never thought that he would have the chance to buy a Swallow Doretti, because only two of the cars were ever officially imported into South Island, New Zealand by the Standard Triumph agent. However, in 1967 Bill saw a Doretti advertised for sale in a local newspaper and bought it after discovering it had belonged to one of his relatives. At this time the car had about 30,000 miles on the clock and Bill used it regularly until 1989 when it came in for some minor refurbishment. The car was resprayed in the original bright red, the seats were recovered and a new hood fitted. Mechanically the car has never had a major overhaul although two rear axle half-shafts have been broken.

With regards to the handling, Bill feels that the car is let down by its poor steering and has seriously considered fitting a rack and pinion unit. The car which currently carries the New Zealand registration number A0-2242 has given Bill many miles of pleasure and just a few ticklish moments.

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