Swallow Doretti Register

Chassis No. 1157
829 DRF

Owner: Nigel Wilcox (UK)
The right-hand drive vehicle, with steel wheels, was originally tourquoise-blue with a blue interior but was later painted white.
John Stamper of Wigton, Cumbria, bought 829 DRF in 1960 and for a number of years raced/rallied the car extensively in local car club events. In 1994 the derelict car was bought as a restoration project by Ken Yankey and it sat around patiently awaiting a rebuild. Unfortunately too many other projects took precedence and the car was eventually sold to Nigel in September 2007.

If you have any further information about this car or would like to add your car to the Swallow Doretti Register, please contact Ken Yankey at ken@doretti.co.uk


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