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A Fine Survivor - Chassis No.1151
by Anthony Pritchard

No.1151 driven by C. Brough at Prescott

When Simon Brooks bought his first Doretti in July 1955 it was Chassis No.1151, registration number MFH 924 a bright red car that Simon kept until 1961. After a time, he had it resprayed metallic silver because its original colour was attracting too much attention from the police. Simon kept his Doretti until 1961, covering over 100,000 miles, including a long honeymoon in 1959 through France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. He took it to the Continent again in 1960, taking in the Le Mans 24 Hour race at the start of his holiday. While he was there it broke a half shaft. The problem was obligingly solved by Ken Richardson, who was at the circuit with the Triumph team. He kindly arranged for a spare to be shipped urgently from Coventry.

Those TR2 half shafts were a weak feature of the Doretti. Simon decided to sell the car following the birth of his first child in 1961. While he was demonstrating it to a propective purchaser on Durdham Down in Bristol, it broke another. Having lost the sale, Simon hawked the Doretti around the trade. He was offered 350 by the well known sports car specialists Performance Cars in London's Great West Road, near Isleworth. Simon considered the price to be too low, but could not find anyone else in the trade who could even match it. Later that day he returned to Performance Cars, only to be told the price had dropped to 320 and he had little alternative but to accept. As the boss drove him to Paddington Station in his Rolls Royce, Simon reflected ruefully on his mistake - a lesson he has never forgotten.

Many years later Simon decided that he would like another Doretti. He looked at many cars before he decided in 1999 to buy LDP 107 (Chassis No.1155) from Ted Bailey.
... Anthony Pritchard

Alan Coulson, a subsequent owner of MFH 924, reflects on his Doretti Memories

Information about Simon Brooks next Doretti is contained in an article entitled Second Time Around for Chassis No.1155.

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