Chassis No.1088    610 CRF

Owner: Kevin Joffe (UK)
Chassis No.1088

610 CRF is the Swallow Doretti that was featured in the the Autocar (24 September 1954) road-test. A previous owner of No.1088 was Howard Gosling, who re-built the car. In 1968 just after Howard started rebuilding 610 CRF he recalls seeing a secondhand Ferrari 250 for sale at 1,250 in Healeys of Warwick. However it needed a gearbox rebuild estimated to cost 600, which was as much as his MG Midget was worth. Ever since Howard's always thought 'if only I had bought that Ferrari, it looked beautiful'.

In November 1988 Ivor Bleaney sold No.1088, (re-painted in metallic gold), on behalf of Victor Gauntlet to Kevin Joffe.

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