Chassis No.1087    609 CRF

Owner: John Aitken (UK)

Chassis No.1087 in 1954

This is the Motor (Sept 1955) road-test car bought by Ian Penrose in 1966; completly rebuilt by Peter Jackson painted Rolls Royce Regal Red and trimmed with black upholstery and red carpets.
From December 1971 the car was owned by Rodney Leach.
In October 1971 John Aitken bought 609 CRF, but for period of time until 2007 the car's custodian was A. W. Norrington.
In 2012 major repairs were completed by Paul Webb (Colmworth Classic Cars), following damage sustained in an accident.

"Combining good looks with modest wind resistance, the Doretti body is metal framed and combines with the reinforced tubular chassis to make this an exceptionally rigid open car. Conversion from open to closed trim is rapid, even without leaving the car." ... The Motor

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