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Chassis No.1073
Location: France

Chassis No.1073 My first encounter with Chassis No.1073 happened in early 1990, when I received a copy of a 1982 letter to Alan Gibb from Nestor Sierraalta, a Caracas car collector. In the letter, Nestor reports that he owns two Doretti sports cars, Chassis No.1073 and No.1105 and also some other British sports cars.
Chassis No.1105 is described as being in very good condition, but needing the chrome grille, front bumper and bonnet badge. However the other car, Chassis No.1073, a left-hand drive vehicle with a modified rear body is missing the chrome radiator grille, front and rear bumpers, windshield and all the instruments.
In December 1991, Nestor wrote to me confirming that he now just owned Chassis No.1105, having sold Chassis No.1073, but said that there was yet another Doretti sports car in Venezuela, Chassis No.1111.


Chassis No.1073 Fast forward to 2018, when Alvin Acevedo contacted me from Venezuela to see if I was interested in buying Chassis No.1073. I politely declined after viewing the photos.
Alvin and his father spend their time locating classic cars and occasionally restoring them before finding new owners. According to Alvin he sold a Swallow Doretti to Germany in 2017, (possibly No.1111), and he also sold and shipped Chassis No.1105 to Germany from Venezuela.
Alvin subsequently sold Chassis No.1073, the Doretti with its heavily modified rear body, to a collector in Miami, Florida. In November 2018 the car was advertised on Ebay as being for sale in Fort Lauderdale. From here, the car was sold and exported to Europe.
A recent advertisment for a French car dealer, describes the car as completely restored with all its original features: including XK120 brakes, aluminium radiator, Standard Triumph racing engine developing around 160hp and a rebuilt original gearbox and rear axle.

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