Swallow Doretti Register

Chassis No. 1055

Owner: Reed Harman (USA)

Chassis No.1055
Reed Harman the owner of Chassis No.1055 says that the car's unique California history captured his interest and it was truly an impulse purchase. While test driving the car Reed was reminded of a Siata 208S he once owned which also had a unique California history. At the present time he has no plans to show the car, although there is an annual local event which he might consider.

Like most Swallow Doretti sports cars, this example was supplied to the American West Coast and in 1955 campaigned by Harvey M. Mayer in the Pebble Beach Road Race. Kevin Larkin, the previous owner, bought No.1055 from Leo Welch who had owned the car for over thirty years after purchasing it from Jim Chaffee's wife, (Jane Sullivan) who lived in Big Bear, California.

Kevin discovered the Doretti while driving along Highway 17 in Scotts Valley, as a result of the car being parked in a garage visible from the road. Subsequently the car underwent a full restoration which was completed in 2008 and was then regularly displayed, with a return to Pebble Beach in the 2011 Concours d'Elegance. A few months later, Chassis No.1055 was offered for sale by Fantasy Junction of San Francisco and eventually sold to Reed Harman.

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