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Chassis No.1041

Chassis No.1041 Early in 2016, a Swallow Doretti that had been imported to Hawaii from Florida by Lynn Vaughan circa 1959, was rescued from hibernation by Dan Morris.

Lynn Vaughan was a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy and served as a pilot and air traffic controller in WWII, Vietnam and Korea. Dan Morris, the present owner and Lynn tinkered on their cars together in the 1980s and early 1990s, as Dan's Triumph TR2 and the Doretti were very similar mechanically.

Over the years the Doretti was carefully maintained, but as time went by the car sat for a while and eventually in 1994 failed a safety check. Lynn passed away in December 2001 (age 84 years), and the car remained in storage until 2016. Subsequently the car was acquired by Dan Morris and returned to a roadworthy condition. However, Dan has even retained the the vintage licence plates because they suit the old paint better and fit in with his intention to keep its appearance as survivor-looking as he is able.   (Photo by Dan Morris)

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