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Chassis No.1032
Thomas Jordan

San Diego Veteran

No.1032 at Jones Beach, Long Island, 2002 Ever since 1955 David Reed of San Diego has been a passionate Doretti owner and he used No.1032 as his every-day car for many, many years. David bought the car when it was less than a year old after its first owner lost his license for driving his new Doretti at over 100 mph. When David was 80 years old he felt it was time to either pass on his car to his daughter Pam and her husband (Thomas Jordan) or give it to the San Diego car museum. That's how they eventually got it!!! You can imagine that David has many Doretti stories to tell because he has been in contact with Dorothy Deen over all those years even though they haven't had any recent contact. David has also has been in frequent contact with Tom Householder of Lancaster, Ohio and many other Doretti owners in the US.

The 1954 car which was originally imported by Cal Sales, is in excellent condition and has a yellow exterior complemented by the interior color which is red/black with tan lacing. An original top is still fitted and the entire cable loom is also original.

When Thomas and Pam acquired the car a lot of documentation was also passed on, this included the original Instruction Book which is 100% complete and in top condition, a US owners list from 1987 and all kinds of articles, parts-lists, etc.

The accompanying picture of the car was taken at Jones Beach, Long Island in the summer of 2002.

A number of photographs of the car appeared in the Dorothy Deen and Swallow Doretti articles in Automobile Quarterly Vol. 34 No.2 and give a good indication of the car's excellent condition.
 ...Thomas Jordan

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