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Chassis No.1020
Reed Harman

Chassis No.1020 Chassis No.1020 was delivered new to Hal Daunis in Denver, Colorado on September 17, 1954. Throughout the fifties, Daunis successfully raced the car in SCCA events in the Rocky Mountain region before moving to California first to Whittier and then to Manhattan Beach. In 1957, given the amount of use and perhaps due to race fatigue Daunis replaced the original engine. The car was subsequently restored and shown at the 1964 Pebble Beach Concours. In 1973, Tom Haslett of Woodland Hills, California purchased the car and used it for several years before it was laid-up. Ownership changed twice in rapid succession before ending up with Frank Crowe in Santa Barbara, California. Restoration was begun, but once again it was returned to storage.
Harman Reed, the current owner purchased the car from Frank Crowe in 2012 and the car was handed over to Randy Reed of Antique Auto Restoration in Seaside, California for a complete rebuild.

FRANK CROWE 2001 - 2012
Chassis No.1020 The partner to our TR3 in the garage is a 1954 Swallow Doretti, No.1020, which I have owned since March 2001 and it's now in the process of being resurrected after many years of storage. A Doretti shares most of the drive train of a Triumph TR2. The frame is chrome-moly steel tubing and the skin is aluminium. It is the 20th car out only 276 made. The car was raced in the Denver area in the 50's, restored in Southern California and shown in the early 60's. The second owner had some mechanical problems and never got "round tuit." It had been stored in a garage for 25 years and is slowly coming around. The car is mostly original, including the interior and the top (but the stitching in the top is rather fragile!)
 ... Frank Crowe

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