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Chassis No.1007
Location: USA

A California Restoration - Albert Escalante

Chassis No.1007
Dr. Alan Simon of Oxnard Shores, California owns the pristine Chassis No. 1007 featured here. Alan first saw the car advertised in Hemmings about 23 years ago when it was offered for sale in Oregon.

Like many other Doretti aficionados he'd been bitten by the bug long before and was still under its spell. So, he rented a trailer, went out and bought the car, however due to various reasons it sat for many years nearly forgotten. Eventually Alan decided to have the car restored by Clark Motors of Santa Barbara who were chosen as the prime restorer because they are renowned for their excellent work. The restoration was a long and careful procedure which lasted some 14 months, the main reason being that it was done with meticulous old-world craftsmanship without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Many of the parts required were supplied by Moss Motors guaranteeing that the parts were of the highest quality and matched the originals.

The coachwork was in very good condition and just a bare minimum of body preparation was necessary before the car was painted a light cream color. The wire wheels were painted to match the tan interior. Everyone who sees the car is amazed at its beautiful condition despite being over 45-years-old and the chromework really has to be seen to be appreciated. Alan describes it as 'show quality' and I would have to agree. It appears very substantial and you can tell the many hours which went into the preparation of raw parts before they received the bright triple nickel plating.

Today the car is back in Alan Simon's garage awaiting its next adventure and what happens next is anybody's guess although Dr. Simon has hinted that he wished the car could be enjoyed by someone who really had the time to show this rare beauty off. How about you, maybe driving down by the ocean with the wind in your hair and the little TR2 engine never missing a beat as you rekindle all those memories of a time when cars were built for sheer driver enjoyment.
 ... Albert Escalente

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