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Chassis No.1260 Chassis No.1260  Len Drake
Location: BC, Canada

Len Drake, (co-owner of Drakes' British Motors located in Kelowna, British Columbia), imported the car from the USA in February 2008 with the intention of restoring it for his own use. According to Len,"the car was owned by the same guy for 20 some odd years. There is no engine or transmission but the bell housing is there. Seat frames and roof bows are present and also the windshield and frame which are in good condition. Front bumper isn't correct, rear bumper is correct. Dash is complete with all gauges, etc... All sheet metal is in good shape. There is one dent on the passengers rear fender, the frame and steel parts have surface rust but can be used. The floor pans are there, the trunk interior is good with no major rust."   Earlier American owners of the car include, Ray Renick and Michael Measurer.

Chassis No.1261 Chassis No.1261  Paul McEwen
Location: ACT, Australia

Paul, who maintains a register of Doretti vehicles in Australia, has owned this car since 1972.
In 1976 it received a ground-up rebuild and has been continually road registered since then.
Paul McEwen also owns Chassis No.1014, a USA imported vehicle.

Chassis No.1262 Chassis No.1262  David Bantoft
Location: Tasmania, Australia

For more information and pictures see Saving No.1262

Chassis No.1263 Chassis No.1263  Jim & Maria Kennedy
Location: New South Wales, Australia

Restoration recently completed.

Chassis No.1264 Chassis No.1264  Malcolm Linder
Location: UK

VTN 493 was previously owned by Ray Wilton and before that by Brian Jenkins who has written a retrospective view of VTN 493

Chassis No.1268 Chassis No.1268  André Bouisset
Location: France

This previously unidentified car has been owned by André since 1976 and is currently under restoration.
For more information see Chassis No.1268

Chassis No.1269 Chassis No.1269  Warren and Paul McEwen
Location: Australia

Undergoing complete body-off restoration. Completion expected in 2018.

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