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Chassis No.1240 Chassis No.1240
Location: Belgium

Vehicle for sale by Racing Box - requires restoration.

Chassis No.1241 Chassis No.1241
Location: France

The car was featured in the August 1987 issue of Auto Retro magazine when the owner was Louis Amiach and the car had 608-FCF-75 licence plates. Last reported owner of Chassis No.1241 was Francois Roux.
For more information and pictures see Chassis No. 1241.

Chassis No.1242 Chassis No.1242
Location: Portugal

This vehicle has been owned by Mário since being given to him by an elderly relative in the mid-70s.
...(Photo: Colecção Manuel Dinis)

Chassis No.1246 Chassis No.1246
Location: France

This car was sold by Jacques Savoye to Patrick Sellier on the 8th October 1955. The baby blue car had a blue interior and a black hood.The number plate was 7320 EK 75. On the 16th October 1958 Patrick sold the car to Chardonnet and bought an AC Aceca. The owner of this car is not known.

Chassis No.1249 Chassis No.1249
Location: France

Vehicle first registered in the United States and then exported to France, circa 2018. Last reported to be for sale by Sarl FCE of Huttenheim, France.
...(Photo: Beverly Hills Car Club)

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