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Chassis No.1220 Chassis No.1220
Location: UK

RLL 277 was previously owned by Alan Sherwin and is one of the cars restored by Peter Jackson.
Chassis No.1220 is now owned by Paul Webb. More information about this car can be seen at Chassis No.1220

Chassis No.1222 Chassis No.1222
Location: Norway

THY 628 has been owned in the UK by Tim Norman 1958-60 and Barry Adams 1960.
In Norway, owners include Kato Galteland 1987-88, Lars Moen 1988-89 and Rolf Andersen from 1991.

No picture available Chassis No.1223
Location: France

RLL 271 was a grey vehicle, first registered in July 1955. A previous UK owner was Keith Turner.
Chassis No.1223 was purchased by Reno Aquilina in 2002.

Chassis No.1227 Chassis No.1227
Location: Connecticut, USA

This 1954 Doretti is a race/rally car just waiting for its next outing. The white paintwork with green stripes and red accents is complemented by a green/white interior. The current anonymous owner purchased her May 3, 2002 and has enjoyed her for Sunday drives and car shows. Chassis No.1227 is currently registered as an antique street car. Further details and pictures of this interesting car can be seen in Vintage Racing in a Doretti

Chassis No.1229 Chassis No.1229
Location: UK

RLK 488 owned by Russell Crawford, underwent a rebuild in 1990 at T & M Classics. Previous owners have included Bob Soden and Malcolm Bainbridge.

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