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Chassis No.1211 Chassis No.1211
Location: UK

CAS 293 (formerly NGG 533) now owned by Roger Giles was one of two cars jointly owned by Roger and Graham Weare. The second shared vehicle was VBH 369 (Chassis No.1257).
Roger is also the owner of RRH 389 (Chassis No.1098) and MMW 335 (Chassis No.1140).

Chassis No.1212 Chassis No.1212
Location: UK

NFH 348 was first registered in Gloucester in 1954.
In September 1964, Derek Matthews bought the car from Tony Spruce, a Shropshire motor-trader and in late 1968 the car was painted Citroen Blue. Around 1970 the car was sold for Derek by Chris Smith of Westfield Cars fame.
Another previous owner was J.M.F. Burton of Abberley, Worcestershire who sold the car as a non-runner to Martin Taylor-Wilde.
The vehicle which is fitted with a works aluminium hardtop,still exists but is not presently road worthy.

Chassis No.1214 Chassis No.1214 
Location: Austria

The restored light blue RHD vehicle owned by Erwin Burtscher was featured in the German car magazine British Classic Cars Issue 5, Aug/Sept 2005. See more pictures in TR2 im Designergewand

Chassis No.1215 Chassis No.1215
Location: Ohio, USA

This right-hand drive car was apparently first registered in the UK before being exported to the USA. According to Tom Householder, Chassis No.1215 has some competition history in the USA and he can trace it's history back to California in the 60s, when some parts were taken off of it to use on a competition Triumph TR, possibly a supercharger. The original color was light blue with blue interior but it has also been painted white. Tom is in possession of documentation of a person named Cooper who advertised a Light Blue RHD car for sale on the US east coast in 1957 but he cannot confirm that it was the same car. Any recollections would be great!   ...(Information and photo from Tom Householder).

Chassis No.1216 Chassis No.1216
Location: USA

First registered in Northern Ireland as TZ 1887 on 11th November 1954. Owned by Simon Seath 1975-77. Vehicle exported from Southampton (20th Jan 1977) to Newark, NJ. USA. Kevin McLemore of Pennsylvania sold car in 1982. Vehicle re-appeared in August 2006 after twenty years off the road. Owner not known.

No picture available Chassis No.1217
Location: UK

OUY 782 is owned by Stewart Griffiths, but the car has been previously owned by Howard Gosling and Ian Penrose.
Stewart also owns Chassis No.1117 (HDB 231).

Chassis No.1219 with Frank Rainbow and a Mark II Sabre Chassis No.1219
Location: UK

KSV 645 was originally sold to Singapore and locally registered SR 115H. It has also been registered as DS 1 by Derek Simmonds who bought the car in Singapore in 1974 and had it shipped back to the UK in 1976. The car has been featured in several magazines and appeared on the front cover of Classic Cars in January 1992. Chassis No.1219 was owned for a while by Tony Dale and then by Quinten Grey.

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