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No picture available Chassis No.1190
Location: UK

NBY 546 was last reported to be under restoration by Chris Samson.

No picture available Chassis No.1191
Vehicle no longer exists

Reported to be broken in the UK by Mike Lambert.

No picture available Chassis No.1195
Location: New South Wales, Australia

Purchased new in Invercargill, New Zealand by Reg Cook (6th Sept 1955) Reg.No.AR-9162.
Owner not known.

Chassis No.1196 Chassis No.1196
Location: UK

UVK 775 owned by Michael Nangreave has undergone a very long restoration in England and Scotland.

Chassis No.1198 Chassis No.1198
Location: New South Wales, Australia

Imported to New Zealand from Singapore around 1960. Then exported from NZ to Australia in 1986 by Chris & Merin Olson.
More pictures of the car appear in An Australian Hardtop

Chassis No.1199 Chassis No.1199
Location: UK

VAE 504 was owned by Mike Lambert from 1972 until 2002, when it was bought by Ken Yankey. Previous owners have included Patrick White and Mike Lawrence. The car is currently owned by Steve Swallow.
For more information about the car see Chassis No.1199

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