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Chassis No.1170 Chassis No.1170
Location: Australia

341 DEV was the UK registration before the car was shipped to Australia in 1983. Since then the car has been restored from the ground up with tarmac rallying in mind. In the hands of Joe Caudo, the previous owner, it successfully competed in the Targa Tasmania and Classic Adelaide events, winning its class and category in each. Fitted with a 2100cc engine, close ratio 4 speed gearbox with overdrive, later Triumph disc front brakes and a limited slip differential. It also has a CAMS approved roll bar, racing harness seat belts, Terratrip, wood rim Lecarra steering wheel, adjustable brake bias and chrome wire wheels.   Chassis No.1170 is now owned by Andrew McCracken.

Chassis No.1171 Chassis No.1171
Location: Germany

RLL 276 spent ten inactive years in the Netherlands. Subsequently bought by Duncan Rabagliati and was eventually sold at the Brooks Olympia Auction in 1998 to the Marston Wolverhampton Heritage Trust. Trevor Davies acquired the car in 2002 and carefully maintained the vehicle until sold at auction in 2009. Bought by Tom Riegel, eventually re-built, painted black and offered for sale in 2020. Reported new owner Christoph Dorscheid.

Chassis No.1172 Chassis No.1172
Location: UK

RLL 273 previously belonged to Jim Walker who had bought it in 1975 from a Birmingham owner. Unfortunately in 1998 Jimmy died, and the car then passed into the hands of Graham West. After using the Doretti for a couple of years Graham decided a complete rebuild was necessary and is now in the middle of the task.
A number of former owners have been generous enough to share their memories of RLL 273 includinRobert Methuen, Jack Berry and John Kirkland.

Chassis No.1173 Chassis No.1173
Location: Germany

TSL 748 was the registration number of Chassis No.1173, allocated to the vehicle when it was imported back to the UK from the Republic of South Africa by John Ormiston, after John boughtit from John Sanders of Rondebosch, Cape Province. There is evidence that the Doretti appears to have spentsome time in Zimbabwe. Owner not known.

Chassis No.1175 Chassis No.1175
Location: Germany

LBD 200 was owned in the UK by Peter Holton then sold to Roland Wolf in Germany.
Chassis No.1175 is reported to be owned by Jorg Sobotta.

Chassis No.1176 Chassis No.1176
Vehicle no longer exists

KBK 500 first registered in Portsmouth, October 1954. Picture shows the car on the MMC Redex Rally - driver P.Wadham.
Vehicle reported scrapped by David Wynn-Smith, DVLA notified.    (Photo: Courtesy NMM)

Chassis No.1177 Chassis No.1177
Location: New Zealand

Bill Gerrard bought his car in 1967 after seeing the Doretti advertised for sale in local newspaper. Only two of the cars were ever officially imported into South Island, New Zealand by the Standard Triumph agent. Read more about Chassis No.1177.

No picture available Chassis No.1178
Location: Sweden

TKN 656

Chassis No.1179 Chassis No.1179
Location: UK

NOT 494

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