24th International Fougéres Rally 2018

Chassis No.1196 2018


This year, Brunel TR Register members, Mike and Victoria Nangreave completed the 24th APPF Randonnée du Pays de Fougéres in their 1954 Swallow Doretti.

The Fougéres Rally has become a favourite choice of European classic car enthusiasts and it's approved by the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE) and the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FIVA). It competes with other famous events of the international calendar, as much by the number of vehicles registered as by the quality of the vehicles entered. Each year the route of the rally is centred within a radius of 150 kilometers around Fougéres and is traditionally run for four days (from Friday to Monday) at the last weekend of May.
(Photo courtesy: Guillaume Nédélec)

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Fougeres 2018


Doretti owners may be interested to know that Mike's Swallow Doretti won the "Ladies' Choice Award" this year. All participating women, whether driver or passenger, are given a ballot to vote for the car they'd like best in their garage - the Swallow Doretti won, ahead of a Delahaye 135 and a Type 37 Bugatti.
 ... Patrick Rollet

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