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The Warwick GT came into being after the collapse of Peerless Cars Ltd when some of the original directors and some new backers set up Bernard Rodgers Developments Ltd. Production was restarted by the new company in 1960 on a more modest scale at premises in Mill Lane, Horton, Buckinghamshire.

Several changes were made to the original design including the entire front end of the car being hinged to tilt forward, which significantly improved access to the engine bay. The rectangular tube space frame was made lighter and stiffer and a revised dashboard made for easier production of RHD or LHD vehicles. Precisely how many Warwick GTs were built is not known as no factory records appear to exist, the normally accepted figure however is about 40, although that may be an exaggeration. Factory production ended in October 1961.

A complete history of both companies can be found on the Peerless and Warwick Register's website.


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