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1:43 Scale Models

Geoff Sear was an architect from Durban, South Africa, who made handbuilt model cars in his spare time from the mid-1980s until his death in 2011. His first models were copies of Mikansue handbuilt models from England in the style of early Dinky Toys. Later he started producing more detailed 1:43 scale resin models in his Sear Models range. Over the years many rare British sports cars from the 1950s and 1960s, which had never been modelled before in 1:43 scale, were added to this range. Each model made by Geoff Sear was numbered and were only made to order, so they could be personalized if desired with correct number plates or special colours for body and interior. The models may not have the "detail" you would see in many mass-produced models but his hand crafted models are of rare cars that large companies did not manufacture.

Sear Models - Swallow Doretti Sear Models - Swallow Doretti Sear Models - Swallow Doretti
Swallow Doretti - 609 CRF Swallow Doretti - 533 CRF Swallow Doretti - PEL 589

Sear Models - Swallow Doretti Sear Models - Swallow Doretti Sear Models - Swallow Doretti
Swallow Doretti - PON 319 Swallow Doretti - OGD 316 Swallow Doretti - VVT 497

Swallow Doretti The 1:43 scale white metal models in the TW Collection were made by Trevor Wright, in very small numbers during the 1970s and 80s. Although perhaps the kits are not up to today’s fine art models, TW produced some rare and unusual vehicles. They were nicely made kits, quite simple with few parts, but built into very nice examples of the real thing. All models were limited edition, white metal car kits in plain boxes with a label. Each box contained a single one-sided information leaflet on the model itself.

TW White Metal - No.261 Swallow Doretti

A Dutch manufacturer of 1/43 scale model cars. Max Derrez has been active in the model world for more than twenty years. He designs all models, creates the masters and builds the end-line model. Hence they are "handmade model cars". The models consist of famous British cars and Derrez Models are steadily enlarging their range. All models are limited edition and most of them are unique in so far as they are often not obtainable from other model car makers.
For more information contact Max Derrez at Tel:+3124-3541604 or see www.derrezmodels.nl

Derrez Models - Swallow Doretti Derrez Models - Swallow Doretti Derrez Models - Swallow Doretti
Doretti - Chassis No.1042 Doretti - Chassis No.0000 Doretti - NBC 742

Swallow Doretti This range of 1:43 scale models made by David Roots represents vehicles in their basic form. He decided that within the limitations of domestic model making it would be too time consuming to reproduce the high level of detail usually found in the die cast ranges, so the idea of capturing just the raw shape of the car was born. The wheels and tyres follow the same simplistic approach. the wheel centres being simplified to the swept shape of the wheel while the tyres were reduced to simple rings of an appropriate section.

A model of the Swallow Doretti has recently been announced and can be tailored to the buyer’s own colour choice within the limitations of a standard paint supply. The basic representation of the interior is presented and the swept profile of either disc or wire wheels can be supplied.
For more information contact David Roots at Tel: 01926 854771 or see www.theessenceofthecar.co.uk